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WIKO is a French mobile phone brand that specializes in the design and production of smartphones. Known for offering high-quality devices at competitive prices, WIKO's main products include a variety of Android smartphones that cater to different market segments, from entry-level to mid-range models. These phones typically feature modern designs, large displays, powerful cameras, and user-friendly interfaces.

Founded in 2011 by Laurent Dahan, WIKO quickly gained a foothold in the European market, particularly in France, by targeting budget-conscious consumers who still wanted stylish and functional smartphones. Over the years, WIKO has expanded its operations and now has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, with significant market share in regions such as Europe, Asia, and Africa.

A key achievement for WIKO was breaking into the top five smartphone brands in France within just a few years of its inception, demonstrating its rapid growth and appeal. The company has also been recognized for its innovative marketing strategies and for bringing forth devices that balance cost and quality effectively.

Globally, WIKO has carved out a niche for itself as a reliable budget smartphone maker. Its reputation rests on delivering value without compromising on essential features, making it a popular brand among cost-sensitive consumers. WIKO's commitment to affordability, combined with its expanding international footprint, continues to solidify its standing in the highly competitive smartphone market.

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