Samsung Samsung GT I9300T Samsung Firmware

Firmware for Samsung

  1. SamMobile Firmwares

    • A comprehensive source for downloading Samsung firmware updates for all models. Users can search by device model and region.
  2. Samfrew

    • Offers free downloads of Samsung firmware with an extensive database of firmware files for a wide range of Samsung devices.
  3. Samsung Support US

    • Official Samsung support page for downloading drivers, manuals, and software updates. Users can search by model code or product name.
  4. Samsung Android USB Driver

    • Provides the Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows, essential for developers working with Samsung Android devices.
  5. Samsung Magician & NVMe Drivers

    • Includes software related to Samsung's memory products, such as the Samsung Magician software and NVMe drivers.
  6. Samsung Mobile Security Updates

    • Official page for Samsung mobile security updates, providing information about the latest security patches and updates.
  7. Samloader Kotlin

    • A Kotlin-based tool for downloading Samsung firmware directly from Samsung's servers. Available on GitHub.
  8. SamFirm.js Releases

    • A JavaScript-based tool for downloading Samsung firmware. Users can find the latest releases and updates on GitHub.
  9. SamFetch

    • A Python script to download Samsung firmware, designed to be easy to use and efficient. Available on GitHub.
  10. SamFirm.js

    • A JavaScript implementation of the original SamFirm tool, used to download official Samsung firmware. Users can contribute and find more details on GitHub.
  11. SamFWTool on XDA Forums

    • A tool shared on XDA Forums for checking and downloading the newest Samsung firmware with additional functions and features.
  12. SamFirm Reborn

    • A reborn version of the SamFirm tool for downloading Samsung firmware, maintained on GitHub. Provides an easy interface for downloading firmware files.

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